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Colloidal Silver

Silver ions are more efficient than silver colloids

A lively discussion has taken place online in America and abroad. At the end of the 90s some companies started to produce predominantly colloidal solutions, arguing that real colloidal silver (silver nanoparticles) would be much more effective than ionic silver. We’ve collated some studies that deal with this issue.




1. Work of the celebrated Dr. Becker, author of numerous bestsellers


2. Scientific work of the U.S. Army medic R.D.Todd


3. The company Natural Immunogenics proves the superiority of ionic silver over colloidal silver


4. Researchers from Rice University in the US conclude that ionic silver is more potent


5. List of over 100 studies demonstrating the effectiveness of ionic silver

Your trust is very important to us. 


And that is why we are going to share with you numerous documents that many companies keep confidential: their laboratory analyses.

We tell you that we are offering the purest and most concentrated ionic colloidal silver. Below you will see the analysis from different independent laboratories proving what we say.

We would even like to share the documents and analysis we needed for the product information file (PIF). All cosmetic products which are produced and sold in the European Union have to undergo this procedure ­even though, in fact, only some companies conform with the law.



1. Results of the analysis of our ultra pure water type 1


2. Results of the analysis of the concentration of our ionic colloidal solution


3. Results of the analysis of the ionic and colloidal parts of the product


4. Further analysis reports:

A concentrated solution for long-lasting effectiveness

The majority of British colloidal silver manufacturers offer solutions between 10 and 25 ppm. After months of research and laboratory tests Institut Katharos succeeded in producing a solution dosed at 40 ppm, double the average concentration on the market.


Before we go any further, let’s explain the acronym ppm: it means parts per million. In reality the ppm number is a proportion unit just like a percentage, it could well be converted to “parts per hundred”.

In the context of colloidal silver, this means that in a 40 ppm colloidal silver solution, there are 40 milligrams of silver in 1 litre of purified water. Likewise there are 20 milligrams of silver in 1 litre of 20 ppm colloidal silver.



1. A pure colloidal silver

2. A colloidal silver that offers good value for money

3. A natural colloidal silver

Crucial importance of the water

Drinking water contains dissolved elements and many suspended solids.


By interacting with other substances these contaminants can affect scientific applications and the quality of natural products. That is why it is important to use high quality water for extremely pure products.



1. Three different classifications of purified water

2. We chose the purest water from these three

3. Véolia Purelab Option Q: 6 filters for ultrapure water



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