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For thousands of years researchers and doctors have stressed the qualities of colloidal silver.  The journalist Jim Powell wrote in the Science Digest in 1973: “An antibiotic kills perhaps a half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650.”

Hippocrates used silver preparations for the treatment of ulcers and to promote wound healing. [...] Paracelsus used silver internally and also applied silver nitrate as a caustic for the treatment of wounds.

[...] Doctor Carl Siegmund Franz Crede, a German obstetrician, who pioneered the use of silver nitrate eye drops to prevent ophthalmia neonatorium (gonorrheal ophthalmia) in newborn infants. [...] This was a highly effective therapy, reducing the incidence of ophthalmia neonatorium from 7.8% to 0.13%.

Later, in 1921, Dr. Henry Crooks declared:

“I know of no microbe that is not killed by silver in laboratory experiments in six minutes.”

“The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual” by journalist Steve Barwick, edition “Life & Research Group LLC”, p. 49

Another physician, Dr. Harry Margraf of St. Louis University, concluded in an article published by the Science Digest:

“Silver is the best all around germ-fighter we have.”

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Frequently asked questions


Importance of the method of administration


There are many ways of using colloidal silver. The method of administration has an impact on its effectiveness, as the colloidal silver has to reach the desired area with minimal losses.


If you do not know how many millilitres you should use or if you are wondering how to administer colloidal silver, then this page will provide you with the necessary information.


It is important to remember that the ingestion of colloidal silver has been banned in the European Union since January 1st 2010, although no side effects of colloidal silver have been reported to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, US). The following data is only for information purposes and does not constitute a recommendation for use.

Silver ions have the strongest antimicrobial qualities


A lively discussion has taken place online in America and abroad. At the end of the 90s some companies started to produce predominantly colloidal solutions, arguing that real colloidal silver (silver nanoparticles) would be much more effective than ionic silver. We’ve collated some studies that deal with this issue.




1. Work of the celebrated Dr. Becker, author of numerous bestsellers


2. Scientific work of the U.S. Army medic R.D.Todd


3. The company Natural Immunogenics proves the superiority of ionic silver over colloidal silver


4. Researchers from Rice University in the US conclude that ionic silver is more potent


5. List of over 100 studies demonstrating the effectiveness of ionic silver


Find out the maximum dose defined by the EPA and the doses for different purposes: nutritional, fighting a chronic illness or fighting a temporary illness.


Is your pet suffering from burns, skin irritation, gastro-intestinal problems or infections? It is likely that colloidal silver will do them good. Here you can find information about cases where you can use colloidal silver and which dosages are appropriate. 


Nebulisation of colloidal silver is a recent discovery. Inhalation can be achieved with a nebuliser (price start below 100 euros) enabling the silver to reach the lungs quickly and without any loss and direct targeting for better efficiency.

External use


External use dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks, who used colloidal silver to aid the healing of wounds and burns.

Nowadays it is used for many external cases. Find out more about them to benefit better from this product.



EU legislation has been very clear since 2010: colloidal silver is not a food supplement, even though its ingredients, the production process and the dosage have not changed. Find out more about practice abroad where colloidal silver is considered a food supplement.

Your trust is very important to us. 


And that is why we are going to share with you numerous documents that many companies keep confidential: their laboratory analyses.

We tell you that we are offering the purest and most concentrated ionic colloidal silver. Below you will see the analysis from different independent laboratories proving what we say.

We would even like to share the documents and analysis we needed for the product information file (PIF). All cosmetic products which are produced and sold in the European Union have to undergo this procedure ­even though, in fact, only some companies conform with the law.



1. Results of the analysis of our ultra pure water type 1


2. Results of the analysis of the concentration of our ionic colloidal solution


3. Results of the analysis of the ionic and colloidal parts of the product


4. Further analysis reports:

A concentrated solution for long-lasting effectiveness

The majority of British colloidal silver manufacturers offer solutions between 10 and 25 ppm. After months of research and laboratory tests Institut Katharos succeeded in producing a solution dosed at 40 ppm, double the average concentration on the market.


Before we go any further, let’s explain the acronym ppm: it means parts per million. In reality the ppm number is a proportion unit just like a percentage, it could well be converted to “parts per hundred”.

In the context of colloidal silver, this means that in a 40 ppm colloidal silver solution, there are 40 milligrams of silver in 1 litre of purified water. Likewise there are 20 milligrams of silver in 1 litre of 20 ppm colloidal silver.


If you took one teaspoon of 40 ppm colloidal silver, you would have to take 2 teaspoons of 20 ppm colloidal silver in order to achieve the same dose of silver.




1. An effective colloidal silver

2. A colloidal silver that offers good value for money

3. A colloidal silver without side effects

Crucial importance of the water

Drinking water contains dissolved elements and many suspended solids.


By interacting with other substances these contaminants can affect scientific applications and the quality of pharmaceutical products. That is why it is important to use high quality water for extremely pure products.



1. Three different classifications of purified water

2. We chose the purest water from these three

3. Véolia Purelab Option Q: 6 filters for ultrapure water


Colloidal silver: an ancient and safe product


There have been very few cases of argyria since 1700 (the only listed side effect of colloidal silver)and all of these identified cases involved other forms of silver (silver chlorides, silver nitrates, silver salts) at extremely high doses.




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4. No side effects reported to monitoring agencies


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