Exceptional water

Crucial importance of the water


Drinking water contains dissolved elements and many suspended solids.

By interacting with other substances these contaminants can affect scientific applications and the quality of pharmaceutical products. That is why it is important to use high quality water for extremely pure products.





  1. Three different classifications of purified water

  2. We chose the purest water from these three

  3. Véolia Purelab Option Q: 6 filters for ultrapure water




1. Three different classifications of purified water


There are three different quality types for purified water*1 each of which correspond to different technical specifications and specific applications:


  • Ultra pure water (type I): used for critical applications in laboratories and in molecular biology


Technical specifications

Resistivity: 18.2 MΩ·cm at 25 °C (= conductivity: 0.055 µS/cm at 25°C)

Total organic carbon (TOC): less than 5 ppb

Bacteria: less than 0.1 cfu/ml

  • Pure water (type II): used for non-critical applications in laboratories (pH solutions, swabs, clinical analyses, etc.)


Technical specifications

Resistivity: 10 MΩ·cm at 25 °C (= conductivity less than 0.1 µS/cm at 25°C)

Total organic carbon (TOC): less than 50 ppb

Bacteria: less than 10 cfu/ml


  • Reverse osmosis water (type III): used for washing glassware, water baths, disinfection systems etc.


Technical specifications

Resistivity: 0.05 MΩ·cm at 25 °C (= conductivity less than 20 µS/cm at 25°C)

Total organic carbon (TOC): less than 100 ppb

Bacteria: less than 100 cfu/ml


2. We chose the purest water from these three


To produce a colloidal silver of exceptional purity, Institut Katharos has invested in a special water purifier to obtain ultra pure water (type I). These purifiers require serious initial investment and high maintenance costs caused by regular changes to the numerous purification filters.


According to our information, we are the only company on the market that uses such high quality water in our manufacturing process.

After extensive research, we selected the ELGA PURE OPTION Q purifier made in France by the French company Veolia. We are also providing you with the technical data:


3. Véolia Purelab Option Q: 6 filters for ultrapure water


To obtain water of the highest purity, the PURELAB OPTION Q purifier has the following filters:

  • Reverse osmosis (RO) for the effective elimination of all types of contaminants

  • Electrodeionization (EDI) combines ion exchange resins and ion-selective membranes to remove ionized species

  • An ion exchange where beds of ion exchange resins effectively remove ionized species

  • UV radiation is widely used as a bactericide, but also for the decomposition and photo-oxidation of organic contaminants

  • An ultrafiltration system with ultrafilters made ​​of membrane filters is used to remove particles

  • A biofilter enables the elimination of almost all of RNase and DNase

This is the hydraulic diagram of the ultra pure water purifier, that we are using to get high purity colloidal silver:




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