Numerous external uses

Silver has been used externally for thousands of years to combat skin infections, wounds or severe burns.

Current EU legislation reduces colloidal silver to a simple “cosmetic” status and does not give any specific recommendations for applying the spray.



A range of uses as a spray


Many experienced users believe that colloidal silver should be applied to the relevant area via a plaster or bandage in the case of skin problems. Once the colloidal silver dries, it becomes less effective, which is why the plaster should be kept hydrated with colloidal silver*1.


One spray is equivalent to 1/40 of a teaspoon. 35 sprays are thus required, to reach a daily dose of 5ml of colloidal silver at 40 ppm. With a 10 ppm solution, more than than 70 sprays per day would be needed to exceed the secondary threshold recommended by the EPA - and on a lifelong basis!

It is recommended to space out the sprays to at least three different times of the day; for example in the morning, at noon and in the evening and up to every two hours depending on the severity of the infection.


The first results are quickly visible, because the colloidal silver destroys many pathogens in less than 6 minutes*2. Generally, the first results are visible after 24 to 48 hours.




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