Ionic silver is dissolved in water while colloidal silver consists of suspended particles in water. Ionic silver is much more effective than colloidal silver.

Our solution consists of 96% ionic silver, the remaining part is colloidal silver. We have conducted analysis with different independent laboratories that confirms this. The results are available here.

What is the difference between ionic and colloidal silver?

After searching through the scientific literature, we realised that many researchers concluded the following: the more concentrated a solution, the more effective it is. You can find a résumé of several different studies here. There are other criteria that influence the effectiveness, such as the proportion of ionic silver. Ideally, the solution will be highly concentrated and ionic.

With this in mind, we have been working for nearly a year to produce an ionic colloidal silver of the highest possible concentration via electrolysis: we reached a concentration of 40 ppm.

Many people have contacted us and pointed out that the high concentration of our solution means an agglomeration of silver at the bottom of the bottle, which would reduce its effectiveness. No scientific data confirms this theory to date, we simply know that UV rays can cause such a precipitation.

Many researchers have proved that a more concentrated colloidal silver is more effective.

What is the point of a higher concentrated solution?

We thought long and hard about the type of water to use for our colloidal silver. The quality of the water is extremely important since it is the main ingredient.

There are three types of purified water: ultra pure water (type 1), pure water (type 2) and reverse osmosis water (type 3). These three types of water meet global standards, using different criteria such as conductivity, bacteriological level or total organic carbon.


We decided to invest in high-quality facilities to offer you the best available: ultra pure water type 1. This water is so pure that it is used for all critical laboratory applications such as for molecular biology.

Why do we use ultra pure water type 1?

The vast majority of our solution consists of ionic silver (96%). The size of the silver ions is about 150 picometres, the equivalent of 0.15 nanometres.

In terms of colloidal silver (4%), the average particle size is about 6 nanometres.

It has been proven that the size of the silver particle has an impact on its effectiveness.

What size are the particles in our solution?

Our solution is stored in a glass bottle to avoid any risk of dispersion. Furthermore, the amber glass bottle lengthens the life of the product while maximising its effectiveness (protection against light that could reduce the charge of the particles and cause them to precipitate).

What type of material is our bottle made from?

Our solution is completely transparent.

What colour is our solution?

We are proud to manufacture our products ourselves in France at the following address:


59 Boulevard de la République

13100 Aix En Provence


Where is our ionic colloidal silver manufactured?

There is no use by date according to laboratory tests (the product keeps indefinitely).

However, there is a PAO (‘Use within’ period) of 6 months: once the bottle is opened, you have 6 months to use it ­ these results were obtained by independent laboratory tests that are available here.

What is the shelf life of our product?


Ionic colloidal silver is an aqueous solution composed of purified water and silver in two forms: ionic (silver dissolved in water) and colloidal (suspended particles in water).

What is ionic colloidal silver?


Colloidal silver kills bacteria, viruses and other microbes in at least three ways, all leading to deactivation of the DNA and bacterial proteins without causing tissue damage:


1. Disruption of the outer membrane proteins of pathogens

2. Deactivation of bacterial enzymes

3. Inhibiting bacterial reproduction by association with their DNA

How does colloidal silver work?


There are very few interactions with colloidal silver, you will find the list on the largest American health portal by clicking here and going to the "Interactions" tab.

Are there interactions with a silver based solution?


In the EU, colloidal silver is registered as a cosmetic product, so it can only be used externally. Apply in the skin 3 times a day and let it dry.

How to dose colloidal silver?


The legislation has changed a lot over time and can be quite restrictive depending on the country. In the EU, colloidal silver is considered a cosmetic. It can therefore only be used externally.


What does legislation say about colloidal silver?


Plenty of information is available online : argyria is characterised by a greyish or bluish skin colour.


It is important to remember that no cases of argyria have been reported following use of commercially manufactured colloidal silver. The rare cases of argyria were reported as a result of domestic production of silver salts that were used at very high doses.

Is colloidal silver dangerous?


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